Termite Control
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Tent-Free Termite Control: Professional Termite Extermination in Port Charlotte and Central FL 

Termite in woodAs a homeowner, few things matter more than peace of mind that your house will remain sturdy and safe for the long haul.

Termites disrupt this peace of mind, weakening or even destroying your house- if you don’t get them under control quickly. The Pest Eliminators Inc. offer quick pest control on every variety of building. Operating in Lee County, Orange County, Collier County, Charlotte County, and Hillsboro County, we provide local homeowners with rapid, reliable and sustainable solutions to even the worst termite infestations.

Fast Termite Elimination from Florida’s Leading Exterminator

As a family company, Pest Eliminators Inc. understand that termite removal can never wait. Every minute you put off extermination is a threat to your family’s:

  • Safety - Termites weaken the structure of your house, taking away the building’s ability to support its own weight. If left untreated, this can cause part, or all, of your building to collapse, putting everyone inside at risk.
  • Finances - Not only is weakening your house a safety risk, but it makes the building less valuable on the housing market. This means that if you ever need to sell your home, it will be harder to find a buyer and you won’t be able to earn as much money.
  • Reputation - Friends and relatives are far less willing to visit your family if they feel your house is at risk from termites.

By offering quick, comprehensive termite extermination, the Pest Eliminators Inc. team keeps all these problems to a minimum. You and your family can continue living in safety, financial stability, and peace of mind.

Non-Toxic Termite Control - GUARANTEED for ONE YEAR

Traditional termite removal methods can involve tenting and the heavy use of pesticides. This requires you to leave your home for days and creates an enduring health and environmental threat, even when you return. For the sake of both your wellbeing and the earth’s, Pest Eliminators Inc. has abandoned these harmful methods; instead, relying on borate to kill termites. This chemical, which is common in eye drops and other consumer products, poses little risk to your family, allowing you to stay home while we work. It is also highly effective- so much so that we will guarantee your home’s termite-free status with a year-long warranty.

Safe, Effective, Tentless Termite Removal for Your Home

Rather than placing a tent over your home and filling it with deadly gasses, we apply the borate directly to the wood, combining it with glycerol to help it seep in. Over a period of 6 weeks, these chemicals will run through the house’s structure and kill any termites they encounter. Meanwhile, you can go about your daily routine with no changes, knowing that the termite threat is swiftly being eliminated.

For rapid and reliable termite removal and other pest control services from an experienced team, contact Pest Eliminators Inc. today.
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