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From Squirrels and Rats to Opossums: Get Fast Rodent & Mice Removal Services in Port Charlotte and Central FL

Photo of a ratWhen most people think of Florida, warm weather, clear water, and endless sunshine come to mind. It's what attracts millions of visitors and new residents each year.

Unfortunately, rats, squirrels, opossums, and other rodents love these features just as much as we do, making pest control an uphill battle for local homeowners. The Florida Bug Men eliminate all these rodents quickly, safely, and effectively. Operating around Tampa, Naples, Sarasota, Port Charlotte, and Fort Myers, our experienced rodent control team fends off every variety of furry invaders.

Swift, Effective Rodent Control for Your Florida Home

Pest Eliminators Inc. never hesitate to drive rodents out of your house. We have created a comprehensive pest control strategy, which involves:

  • Rodent Inspections - As soon as you report signs of a rodent problem, our team will travel directly to your house and perform an inspection. This service, which we offer free of charge, will not only tell us whether your house is infested, but also where the rodents are if so, setting the stage for quick elimination.
  • Sealing Off Your Home - Once we find evidence of rodents, our next step is to block all rodent-friendly avenues into your home. This limits the spread of the problem and ensures that rodents that are inside have nowhere to run to.
  • Rodent Removal - With the home sealed off, we trap the rodents that are already inside and remove them as safely and humanely as possible.
  • Disease Control - Once the rodents are gone, we disinfect every area where they have been.

Through this strategy, Pest Eliminators Inc. leaves no stone unturned in rodent elimination. You can be confident that once we are finished, your home will be clean, secure and pest-free.

Fast Emergency Rodent Removal

As a family company, Pest Eliminators Inc. does not want rodents to threaten your children any more than we’d let them come after our own. Rats, squirrels and opossums harm your family in a variety of ways. Not only do their bites and droppings spread disease, but they also chew on wires and cables, increasing the risk of a fire or electrical failure. For this reason, we treat each infestation as an emergency and work quickly to keep your family safe from all harm.

Experienced Rodent Control Company

Pest Eliminators Inc. has experience removing the full range of furry pests, but we still rely on you to let us know about the infestation in the first place. This means you must pay attention to the telltale signs of a rodent problem, including:

  • Scurrying and squeaking sounds
  • Droppings
  • Claw or bite marks
  • Hairs
  • Pawprints
  • Chewed corners of food wrappers
The better you are at detecting a rodent invasion, the quicker we can stop it. For more information on rodent removal and other pest control services, contact  Pest Eliminators Inc. today.
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