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Quick Pest Control: Rapid Solutions for Spiders, Roaches, Ants, & Other Florida Pests in Port Charlotte and Central FL

Cockroach on the floorPests don’t just threaten your health and household; they rob you of peace of mind!

The longer an insect or spider problem goes untreated, the more that you and your family have to worry that each corner of your home might be infested. Pest Eliminators Inc. puts a swift stop to your worries and the infestation itself. As an experienced exterminator with a background in ant, bed bug, roach and spider control, we keep your house clean and clear for the long haul.

Fast, Effective Extermination of Bed Bugs, Roaches, Ants, Spiders & Other Creepy Crawlers

The same warm, sunny weather that makes Florida such a great place for us to live, also attracts a variety of vermin, including:

  • Ants - Among the most common insect invaders and the hardest to eliminate, ants eat your food, spread disease and can even cause structural damage.
  • Roaches - Having evolved specifically for tropical weather, rodents inhabit warm, wet areas of your home, leaving germs and decay in their path.
  • Spiders - Although spiders may help you keep insects under control, they can also threaten your family on their own, especially if they are venomous. They also fill your house with unsightly webs.
  • Bed Bugs - Infesting mattresses, furniture, carpets, and clothes, bed bugs are nearly impossible to get rid of without professional treatment. 
  • Other Invaders - Scorpions, silverfish, crickets, termites and countless other crawling insects and arachnids make their homes in Florida, threatening you, your possessions, and your house. 

Pest Eliminators Inc. offers swift solutions to all these infestations. From ant control to bed bug removal to tentless termite extermination, we leave no trace of the insects that once spread throughout your home.

Organic Pest Control Treatments - Safe for Kids & Pets

Families are often wary of pest control, worrying that the chemicals involved will poison their pets or harm their children’s health. Pest Eliminators Inc. eliminates both of these problems by relying entirely on organic pest control methods sprayed to the interior of your walls. Not only does this make our services healthier for your family and the earth, but it also limits the disruption to your lifestyle. No matter what type of pest you’re facing or how far the infestation has spread, we should be able to get rid of the problem without needing you to evacuate.

Experienced Florida Exterminator Who Guarantees Results

Between our skilled pest control team, our safe but effective organic methods and our extensive local experience, Pest Eliminators Inc. guarantees long-term results from all extermination efforts. If you choose the Annual Service Package, we offer a year-long warranty on our work, giving us a strong incentive to get the job done right the first time. With our assistance, you’ll never struggle to keep your home pest-free.

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