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Sarasota Pest Eliminators: Insect, Spider, & Rodent Removal from The Florida Bug Men

Between our hot climate, extensive green spaces and location along the gulf coast, Sarasota, Florida is ground zero for pest problems. Bed bugs, termites, rodents and spiders thrive in this area, making pest control a year-long challenge, but the Florida Bug Men have never shied away from challenges. As an experienced exterminator with a keen sense of local conditions, we have the tools and methods to keep your home clean and safe under all circumstances.


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Bug Problem? Call The Florida Bug Men of Sarasota

Bed bugs, ants, and other insects are some of the hardest pests to deal with, as they hide all over your home and reproduce at a rapid rate. But the Florida Bug Men work even faster, destroying every last trace of the invaders before they have a chance to lay more eggs. We rely on organic methods to get rid of these insects, allowing us to clean your home effectively without putting you or your family at risk. We also guarantee our services for a year, so that you can be confident we will do the job right or your money back.

Fast, Effective Termite, Rodent, & Pest Control Services for your Florida Home

The Florida Bug Men don’t limit their services to bed bugs and ants. We deal with a wide range of other pests, including:

  • Termites - Among the most serious invaders, termites weaken the structure of your home, creating a potentially deadly problem. We eliminate them immediately without the need for a tent, so you can go about your daily life while our methods take effect.
  • Rodents -From rats to mice to squirrels to opossums, our professional pest control team can handle all types of rodent invasions. This not only protects your family from disease, but also prevents rodents from gnawing on your home wiring and causing electrical problems.
  • Spiders - Not only do spiders spread venom and leave cobwebs, but they may be a sign that insects have invaded your home as well. Our team will get rid of spiders as well as the bugs they feed on.

The Florida Bug Men apply the same high standards of pest control to every variety of invasion. Whether you’re dealing with rodents, insects, or arachnids, you can count on us to solve the problem safely, quickly, and sustainably.

Protect Your Lawn from Weeds, Disease, & Insects with Our Professional Lawn Care Services

Not only do the Florida Bug Men protect your house and family from pests, but we defend your lawn as well. We get rid of every invasive species that can take root in your yard, including other plants, viruses, and bacteria as well as insects. This leaves your trees, shrubs, and grass free to grow lush, green, and beautiful.

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