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Sub Termite Facts




In Florida, there are 77 colonies of Subterranean Termites in one acre of land. That’s over 19 colonies in a standard size lot 80 X 120 lot.

We use a generic of Termidor to treat Subterranean Termites?

An Eastern Subterranean Termite colony will eat a foot of wood every 119 days.

A Formosan Termite colony will eat a foot of wood every 19 days.

It will generally take a Termite colony from 3 to 5 years to have a swarm, so if they swarmed inside the

home, they have been there 3 to 5 years.

Termite Swarms generally only last 48 hours.

The average home that has termites has them in 2.5 locations.

Florida Department of Agriculture recommends that every structure have a termite inspection annually.

A “Treatment Certificate” (Notice of Inspection or Treatment) for Termites must be placed during a termite inspection. (Lead / Renewal)

The best place to place a “Termite Certificate” (Notice of Inspection or Treatment) is generally

in the customer's Breaker Box but could be placed on the Hot Water Heater or even on the inside of the

kitchen cabinets.

A “Termite Certificate” tells us

1.) When the property was inspected.

2.) If termite activity was (or was not) found

3.) If treatment was made, what chemical was used.

A home that has been tented for Drywood Termites will generally have to be re-tented every 3 to 5 years.

The product we use for Drywood Termites is the generic for Boracare.

This product is used in eye wash

This product is also used in pools to balance PH and reduce electrical expense in heating

the pool.

This product is organic,

Has no order.

Drywood Termites Mobile Homes:

On the outside of the home, place a plain white sheet of paper just under the bottom of the aluminum siding, and lightly pound the siding above two or three times. If there are Drywood Termites, droppings will fall down onto the white paper. Do this around the entire structure. (often times Drywood Termites start on the outside of the home and work their way to the interior).


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